Quick Weight Loss

I am a regularly built woman.  I am not as fat as obese.  I am not as thin as skinny.  But how I look at present is very different when I only had a 23 inch waist line.  I even buy my clothes from the teens section of the department store.  I used to despise my thin structure.  My friends even told me that if the wind gave a nasty blow, I’ll fall or be flown with it.

The thought that one day I will have a 30 inch waist line that even grows to 31 inches when I am very full (though I seldom get full these days) did not cross my mind.  I did not even think that I would someday ponder on seeking ways to quick weight loss.

But there are truly quick weight loss prescription you can consider:

  • Be employed in a dysfunctional company.
  • Deal with the worst co-employees on a daily basis.
  • Have a dose of your superior’s egos, tantrums and slave-driving traits everyday.
  • Be a spouse to a self-serving species.
  • Be a parent to a prodigal child.
  • Be a friend to a selfish jerk.
  • Be an in-law to the self-righteous dimwits.

This may not be enough for a list.  But I assure you, have them regularly, and surely, you will loose weight fast in an economical way.  😀


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