Buy and Sell with AyosDito is a buy and sell marketplace center in the web which is designed for Pinoys by Pinoys.  The page is user friendly where you can click on the province or area where you are located and find buyers and sellers that are near you.  Isn’t it a plus?  How innovative!

I got curious about a particular job opening when I clicked on Post an Ad that serves as classified ads thinking that I could refer it to a friend.  I found that I can also apply for the job because some of the job requirements are familiar to me only that I will not be considered because of the age requirement.

I dream of a car that is gray in color and a beetle.  And I found one beautiful Volkswagen Beetle 2000 version with a fair price of  PhP 520,000 under the used cars page.  I think the original price is about a million though I am not sure. The website has many choices indeed for people with budget constraints.  For now, I am feasting my eyes on this gray Beetle and dreaming of acquiring one someday.  AyosDito will always be a great source for me.  The detailed search will always be helpful in letting me find second hand but still pretty cars.


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