Falling Out of Love

We had heard many stories about partners who had separated.  During courtship, men and women alike believe that it is a dream come true finding their ideal woman or man.

But when they live under one roof, this is where each other’s differences surface.

First reason for separation is infidelity.  If one of the partners had an affair, the prospects that the relationship will end is high.   This is because there is absence of trust already because of the illicit affair.  Though there will be an effort on the part of the guilty party to change,  doubts will cling and it will not be easy to remove the mistrust that the offense will not be repeated.

Sex is another reason.  Dissatisfaction in bed can cause desire for separation.  If sexual satisfaction is not attained, there is possibility that one of the partners will find it from another.  No doubt that this will lead to separation in the future.

Third reason is financial.  It is said that money is the root of all evil (or probably the love of money).   While plenty of it can ruin a person;  lack of money is a big factor that can contribute to separation.

When a partner could not provide for the needs because of the lack of money, one of them will feel forsaken.  Usually it is the women who are victims of these situations.

After courtship, it is the wedding that follows.  But once a man and a woman are together already, and one of the above reasons appears, this will be the start of a cold relationship that eventually will cause the falling out of love.

It is communication that is needed.  Talking to each other about the situation will greatly help.  Do not let the fire go wild.  While the relationship is still hot, watch out that the flame will not die before you fall out of love.


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