Will She Flirt When She’s 65?

There are women who are given to flirting, or in short, flirters.  There are serious flirters and there are those who do the act like fun.  What is the difference?  Serious flirters are those who make advances to, or make eyes at, some guy.  They tease, or make a pass, or toy with a guy.

Those who are not serious flirters only flirt with the idea and will not or could not actually do the act.  They are doing it for fun.  Some silly young girls or women even scream about thinking of doing it, or laugh at experiences when men are enticed.

It may be common to young women or girls.  But at 45 or past, and very much married, that would seem irregular to flirt with a guy, and much worse, compete with younger and single women or girls.  But there are those I know who fit the description.

I wonder, when they get older than 45, when the best weight loss pills would fail or find it challenging to do their jobs, because of slow metabolism, and because of age, will these women still flirt when they’re 65, and their husbands are still around and alive?

Maybe it’s psychological.  Maybe it’s the breeding.  Maybe it’s the outlook.  Maybe it’s because of their friends.  Talk about same feathers flocking together.  Or maybe the character of being loose ingrained in the bones.

I wonder how a 65-year-old flirts.  I just can’t imagine how a hunk would squirm at the experience.  Unless they are hired for rent.


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