Gates for the Kids’ Safety

These two baby brothers are growing fast.  Baby Drew in the first picture, at two, restlessly moves all the time.  Baby Drake in the second picture is as hyper as his brother.  Now that he is beginning to crawl fast, his mother had put a baby gate across the door to the main door.  He is a brave little boy, very adventurous and likes very much to try new things.

It really helps to baby proof the home like putting baby gates or pet gates.  In the blink of an eye, a toddler can slip or do the most fun for them – to go out the door or go near the pet.  We can never tell what could happen.   Baby Drew had always tried getting out of the house after learning to figure out how to unlock the door.

Their room is in the second floor and it scares me to think of them falling from upstairs.  Sally, the mother, had to always be alert because they had not fixed stairway gates yet.

But even with these child safety gates, these little angels should always be looked after with alertness.  They are so restful and thinks of doing things their way always.  One minute they are out of the house!

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