Morbid thoughts 5 days before elections

I couldn’t help it.   Morbid thoughts come rushing to my head replete with the many burdens life has to offer.  I think these scary thoughts were triggered by a Facebook friend/contact’s note:

So here’s the scenario, the configuration issue of those flash cards is a ploy. The issue was that it cannot count the local votes, the “reconfigurated” flash cards will now be able to read votes of the local candidates.

But these new flash cards will have pre-programmed results when it comes to the national level. And …as the marching orders were stated, the results would be in orange.”

There.  How scarier can it get? Then a flash of possibilities rushed – what would happen to my SSS contributions? What if the funds run out and I cannot claim my social security disability benefits anymore? What if the hoodlums and the crooks win and the criminals go unpunished because they were supporters of the equally evil hoodlums and crooks in the higher offices?  WHAT IF THE PHILIPPINES GO POORER THAN BEFORE?  What a harrowing brainwork!  As if the country and its people had not had enough of the poverty, of the graft and corruption, or the exploitation, etc, etc.

I am sorry (G. Arroyo sic).  I am just so carried away.


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