Missing Blog Friends

The beauty about blogging is the exchange of thoughts and the appreciation a blogger gets from a piece of writing.  It inspires when people visits your blog not because of reciprocation or the need to repay you a visit, or because you have a promo in your blog (not that I have anything against it), or because you are a personal friend; but because your creation, your piece of writing, are worth their time.  It is not actually being articulate or eloquent.  It is the interest that was sparked reading your blog posts.  It is the relevance.  It is the substance.  It does not even matter how long or short the post is.  Or how silly it seems to be.

Concurrently, I am missing my old blog friends.  Some of them had altogether stopped blogging already choosing what is more important for them perhaps.  Some of them bloghop when they only feel the need.  Some only update their blogs but totally stopped visiting other blogs.  Some are only contented responding to comments when a reader visits.

The fever could have gone away.  It may not be that exciting anymore.  Blogging could have lost the magic somewhere.  At least only to some blogger friends I know.  But something died; the zeal to write even about the mundane was killed by something I don’t know.  The passion to share was lost; the eagerness to exchange words and to communicate vanished.

New blogs evolve and are introduced.  The same scenario repeats – new found blog friends who become regular visitors.  They exchange thoughts and reciprocate visits.  Then the charisma of the whole activity dies to a certain point.

Blogging is a fad.  I surmise.  Agree?


7 thoughts on “Missing Blog Friends

  1. I stopped blogging because I really got into Facebook. hehe. But now, I'm done with FB, which now seems like just a fad, a glorified version of Twitter. Blogging does seem way more satisfying and less superficial.


  2. hi, ping-i! how are you? wow, glad to know that you still have the same idea about blogging. i think FB killed them all ha ha the interest to blog and bloghop, i mean.

    what i like about FB-ing is the chance to reconnect with old friends and the opportunity to promote ha ha which was actually my reason why i was convinced to join. i was very hesitant at first. friends and relatives had been FB-ing for a long time before i joined.

    but blogging, i don't think i'll stop. it is a therapy to me. it will always be.

    glad to be seeing you here again. 😀


  3. It can be a fad. When I started blogging in 2006 I had 2 regular visitors – both are no longer blogging, well one puts out a post quarterly it seems.

    I thought it was going to be that way with me. But I haven't lost the interest to blog and I still am tickled at receiving comments from other bloggers.

    I seem to lose your site over and over. I should bookmark this now.


  4. what a nice feeling to read comments, photocache. as ping-i, said the whole thing is less superficial and way more satisfying.

    thank you for the bookmark 🙂


  5. I agree that after a period of time people get lazy and blogging becomes unexciting. I think if one likes blogging as a hobby and requires reciprocation, one way is to drop those links that are no longer active and seek new ones !

    Also, we can blog at our own pace – once or twice a week, without affecting our busy schedules. That's one way of avoiding pressure and not quitting altogether.


  6. that is one nice suggestion, bw. it would make me sad though. there are links i cannot afford to de-link. ha ha me sentimental value daw e 😀 seriously, it felt like cutting the connection. i don't know maybe one day i will decide on dropping those links.


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