Graduation Thoughts – My work is done?

Last April 24, 2010, daughter Kay graduated with a degree in BFA – Visual Communication. She graduated with honors and recognition. I know that some arrogant beings would interject, “What is so difficult being an art student? Who would not graduate with honors?” implying that taking a course like this is a piece of cake. Now that sounds condescending, doesn’t it? But believe me, there are people who think this way. My daughter had had a couple of experiences with these kinds of people who think that their chosen field of education is way better than other fields.


But enough of these people. I know that the perseverance daughter Kay had shown was partly driven with having to deal with perceptions like these. I am just so glad she is one strong-willed and focused girl. Who would not be proud if you are a parent to a daughter like her?

Is my work done now that my daughter already graduated from school? I mean, my duties, responsibilities and obligations to her, specifically about her schooling, are finished.  Is my work done?  Partly yes, partly no.   Partly no because as she enters the real world practically requiring her to conduct herself according to whatever rules and regulations, or policies, of an organization or group of individuals she will be working with, I should be there, we should still be there as parents.   She would be a novice in this predatory world of the working class.  I bet she would also be shocked by the unexpected.

My work is not yet done.  Our work (Papsie and mine) is not over yet.  I think it will not be over as long as we live for parents are there to be their children’s refuge.   Though at times, you get tired, too, with the challenges being given to a parent ha ha  😀


3 thoughts on “Graduation Thoughts – My work is done?

  1. Congratulations to you and Papsie! With honors pa si Kay. I wish her a bright future and a fulfilled career. =)

    My eldest daughter just graduated nursery! Mahaba pa ang journey namin.


  2. hello, Connie. thanks. almost two years na nag wowork si Kay. so far so good. she has plans. i hope it will be fulfilled.

    oo nga, mahaba haba pa! ha ha but with parents like you two, everything will turn out right for your babies. 😀


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