Teen Addiction

One of the scariest things that haunted my mind when my children were still young and in their primary years was the possibility that they can one day get into drugs.  Just like any other parent, I was very afraid of the odds that one of my children will undergo teen rehab.  Though I know that I worked very hard in establishing my relationship with the kids, in instilling values to their young minds, and in reproving the wrong deeds, I was truly alarmed of the world outside our home.  We know for a fact that there are other people aside from family that the children get to communicate and share their thoughts with.  And I know that being a good parent is not guarantee.

Teen drug statistics are escalating.  News from all over the world shares the dim world of young people being dragged and drugged.  It may sound a relief to know that a minor is only going to a teen alcohol rehab or a teen marijuana rehab.  But just the same, they are forms of addiction.  Dependence of a teenager on alcohol and marijuana is not a lesser predicament to deal with.  But I am just so glad that my children hated the idea of being an addict.  I am a triumphant mother to see that until this day and age, my children did not resort to any form of craving for the unwanted chemicals.

In relation to this, I feel so sad seeing the son of a neighbor who came back from a mental institution.  I heard that he was into drugs when he was a teenager, when someone he liked rejected him.  Being poor and uninformed, the parents did not even bother researching for teen addiction info which I believe will help ease their burden. Or maybe they do not even care at all.  The growl of the stomachs are probably more demanding than the need to give their child medical attention that would really require money.

4 thoughts on “Teen Addiction

  1. Mostly, kids who turn to drugs have low self-esteem. They need attention and they get it from their peers, who push them to take drugs. And once they have a taste of it, it is hard to put a stop to it.


  2. hello, mari. it's sad that children with low self-esteem turn to drugs. there are many avenues to channel our feelings bu then again, it's always a matter of choice.


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