News: Edwin Valero and Manny Pacquiao’s Match no more

edwin valero's fight

When I reached home today, Papsie asked me if I know Edwin Valero.  I have no idea I told him.  Then briefly, he told me that he was the boxer that was supposed to be matched with Manny Pacquiao in the boxing arena in the future.  I was told that he committed suicide inside his prison cell after killing his wife.  That was shocking.

Papsie continued that he learned that Valero is involved in drugs and alcohol abuse.  How come he gets to fight if he is, was my question.  I mean, he was not simply taking alli diet pills, he was a drug user, if not a drug addict.  I wonder if it is a requirement that boxers must be checked if they are drug users or addicts, or there is history of alcohol abuse. Or they will only be obliged when an opponent requested or demanded it?

News from The Washington Post mentioned this line:

Arum said he did not know Valero very well, but despite hearing rumors of drug and alcohol troubles for the Venezuelan had not seen evidence of that himself during several meetings.

Life is indeed ironic. Sometimes it makes me think what people really want in their lives. Valero has money and fame but he chose to kill his wife and end his life as well.

A sad end for a crowd-pleaser.


3 thoughts on “News: Edwin Valero and Manny Pacquiao’s Match no more

  1. I'm following this guy Valero as he is undefeated and all his victories are KO's. What a tragedy to lose such a terrific boxer. I would have loved to see him fight the Pacman.


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