Remembering an old joke and the banana

It was my father who told me this short story about monkeys when I was still young (I was about 9 to 10 years old).  He started with a question why monkeys do not have pimples.  Of course, I asked why.  It’s because they always eat bananas he replied.  “Really?” I responded with awe and innocence at the same time.  Then he laughed.

Bananas indeed are good for the health.  It is one of my favorite fruits.  The benefits of eating them are many and that includes being a dietary supplement, an aid to nicotine withdrawal, a sugar fix, a diet aid, a digestion aid and a sports tonic.  Visit LiamBean of Hubpages for more details about the benefits of eating bananas.

Other than that the peel of the banana can be used to reduce the wrinkles around the eye.  This is what my father also told me.  You won’t be needing the best night creams to get rid of them.  You just have to rub the peel around the eyes.

Here in the Philippines, there are varieties of bananas.  The most common that I eat is the latundan and the lakatan.  But I prefer lakatan though my aunt told us that it has more sugar than latundan.  It is not advisable to eat when one is diabetic, she said.  I am not diabetic so I eat a lot of lakatan.

I do not remember my father having pimples.  Was the jest true?  Or we had evolved from apes?  But that is a totally different story for another day.  😀

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