It’s freakin’ hot!

The aircon in my office broke down three weeks ago. The compressor was bought just recently and still has to be tested for a day! I feel like I am in an incinerator. Can you imagine how it feels? It’s freakin’ hot I cannot think straight and work right! All I can think is about the getaway we had last Friday – dipping into the pool.

This hot weather can pass as best in a fat burner review. The amount of sweat one discharges from the tremendous heat burns fat fast. I mean, to be in a seemingly incinerator room on a daily basis can drain all the liquid in the body fast (and dry the wits out!).  And yet, I could not choose this hot weather as means to burn the fats in my body.  I can be dead in a few days staying in my room with the aircon absent and the heat wave doing its finest.


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