To dispose, or not to dispose

I have an old Epson printer that I want to dispose. I am sure it is already in a clogged state because I had not used the equipment for quite some time.  It is a c45, very far from the tm-t88iv type. Seeing this new thermal printer designed for high-volume retail, I thought of my erstwhile desire to have a printing store business which had become impossible to materialize for many reasons that I could not enumerate.

Anyway, if there is a way to have this business become real, I know Papsie will agree. Unlike before when I thought of having a photocopying business. He did not like the idea because for him, it is a health hazard to have a business like that. Oh, well.

I wonder what do I do with the old printer.

5 thoughts on “To dispose, or not to dispose

  1. Are the replacement inks expensive? Give it to your annoying neighbor or to the girl you caught your hubby stealing a few glances at when he thought you were not looking LOL. Just kidding.


  2. ha ha ha that is a nice suggestion, bertN! no, you are brilliant to be able to think of that solution. did wifey do the same? was it effective? ha ha 😀


  3. If you don't want it and want to save a few bucks, There is a place in Pasay (Baclaran?) along the coastal area where they buy and sell second-hand computers and peripherals. I think it's beside a Mall.


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