If it rains, it pours, and so the saying goes.  And when they are not blessings, Juan will really be in panic.  I wonder how weight loss supplement reviews will treat my assessment that for Juan to loose weight easily and effectively, Juan does not have to swallow weight loss supplement tablets or caplets, or capsules to shed those unwanted flabs.

Mental stress caused by worries and predicaments is one way to trim down.  It has its downside though.  Juan can end as lunatic, or bipolar, or antisocial.

It can help to temporize.  It gives Juan time to think on what is the best thing to do. It makes Juan contemplate that there are times Juan cannot control a situation.  It makes Juan ponder on the wrong moves, and learn from them.  Yes, learn from errors of judgments, false moves, miscalculations, overestimation,  and underestimation.

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