Photohunt: Spotted

Photohunt had me thinking what to post for today’s theme – SPOTTED.  As I contemplate on finding pictures with obvious spots on it,  I chose to present the theme in a different way.

The theme brought to mind the dilemma that most adolescents face and it is the spotted face because of pimples or acne.  I can say that my children did not have the need of acne solutions.   Tips from other parents, mothers particularly, were very helpful.  One of them is – ‘when a pimple appears, do not prick it, nor touch it’ because they will just disappear.  Pimples are part of growing up and that is what we have to tell the kids.

This is actually a reverse of the concept SPOTTED because their faces are clean.  Sometimes these annoying pimples appear but they have to bear with them only for a while and not touch them.   Also, washing of the face is very important.

There, I hope it is not a lame attempt!  😀


23 thoughts on “Photohunt: Spotted

  1. Interesting take on the theme. I haven't taken my “spotted” Jack and Jill pictures yet, but I'll have them posted by 1am my time.

    You asked about Suzie's House. It's serial, like a TV show. Each week I post another episode. Most of the time the newest episode is based on the previous, but sometimes I jump around. If you want to start at the beginning, you can see the first ten listed in my side bar when you click on one of the Suzie's House episodes.


  2. Interestin take on the subject to be sure, but I like it. It is a hard thing to go through, acne. Everyone lives to talk about it though. Some really have to take medicine and others aren't bothered a bit. Your kids are the lucky ones! I like your picture.


  3. ha ha, yea, carver, without any spots in sight. 😀

    suzie's house is interesting, alice audrey. i'll take a peep when time allows. 🙂

    thank you for appreciating, teresa! they are not spared but when they have pimples, they dont multiply. 🙂

    i think it's normal, ECL.

    very true, jams, that is the difficult part. ha ha been there actually when i was young, the more i was told not to touch, the more i touch them in secret! 😀

    lucky you, gengen.

    funny that i still get a pimple once in a while, too, ytsl! 🙂


  4. there appears to be one or two sometimes, marites!

    😀 @ sandi.

    yes, it is, mrs. mecomber. 🙂

    thank you very much, bull rhino, for appreciating. you're so kind. 🙂

    really, sparkle. i have to check my cats, they've been eating on plastic bowls ever since! 😀

    that is right, mariposa, it can get irritated! 😦

    happy weekend, too! and thank you for visiting and checking on what i have for this week's theme. 🙂


  5. you don't see the picture? why, oh, why, kat. it's a pic from my multiply account and has a link on it.

    no, no, no, bad habit. you would not want to ruin such pretty face?


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