A Contest to Loose Weight?

There are reasons why there was a sort of agreement that the group has to work on losing weight.  Here it is:

Each of these ladies need to find a fast weight loss program to record the largest weight reduction.  The one who gets the highest number for weight loss will be awarded by the rest and the one who lost the smallest will treat the group.

Like any other scary plans, this contest did not pursue, some others chose not to record their initial weight at the start of January.  Perhaps they are not ready or are not committed to working on a goal of losing weight.

But one of them got so dismayed at her picture that she is trying so hard to loose weight.


2 thoughts on “A Contest to Loose Weight?

  1. i like that reality show The Biggest Loser pero di ko na napapanood ngayon, kat. funny, no, how others desire to loose some flabs, you are wishing to gain weight.


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