The Best Vitamin Supplement

I noticed that as one grows old, or mature, if that would ease the mind, concerns multiply, that though they are not your own, they become yours, too.  I wonder if it has something to do with one’s character, or if it is a test of character.

The best vitamin supplement as one gets depleted because of stress is a quiet prayer in the morning (though at times I utter them in the middle of a chaotic environ or situation).  Prayer gives me peace and strength and hope.   It wards off negative thoughts of inequality and imbalance like “Why are the hoodlums and crooks in the government live like kings and queens while the people suffer?”  Prayer gives you a clearer view of the circumstances and events and situations.  “Why am I born to suffer, and the others do not though they seem to deserve it?” was another question that pops out.  But who knows, who really knows what is happening in each and every soul?

I pray for the people, for the country, and for me that justice and equality be with everybody.

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