Photohunt: Balanced, and a Birthday

Today is my firstborn’s birthday.  She is 20, and she is a balance between youth and adulthood.

As Ann Hood describes in Maisie – “… a puzzle, full of twists and turns, sharp corners, dead ends,” Kay is like Maisie, too, in some ways. But she is sweet in an unprecedented way, ambitious and full of surprises.

Last Friday, she announced that she was granted a thesis grant, and there were only five (5) of them in their class who were chosen by the panel of judges to receive the grants.

That is why we are celebrating!  Happy birthday to the young lady who does not need weight loss supplements yet.   😀   😀   😀   And hurray, hurray!


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5 thoughts on “Photohunt: Balanced, and a Birthday

  1. a thesis grant for her course before she graduates, MK.

    thank you, Bull Rhino, for the greeting and for appreciating.

    thank you, Sidney!

    hey, bw, talaga? salamat naman, ang hirap kaya maghanap ng layout.


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