Insurance Leads

First of all, what is a lead? It is important to learn first what it means.

A lead is a suggestion or piece of information that helps to direct or guide. It is a tip or a clue. Therefore insurance leads are pieces of information to help one find tips or guides to get the best insurance for seekers and agents alike.

There are certain types of insurance leads for the following needs:

  1. auto insurance
  2. home
  3. life
  4. health
  5. long term care
  6. cancer
  7. disability
  8. business
  9. annuity
  10. final expense
  11. local insurance

Here in the Philippines, the search for life insurance leads can become popular.  Filipinos are very particular about  bestowing the last respects to the dead.  This can materialize from the benefits that can be acquired by having life insurances.  A friend once told me that he was so grateful that it did not become a problem when his father died because of a life insurance he had gotten.


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