A Deadly Maternal Metaphor

She told her in-law that her husband does not want to fetch the doctor.  In truth, the in-law’s husband was telling her that if he will go and get the doctor, she will be advised to go to the hospital and she readily disliked the idea.  She was told that it will surely be the case.

The following day, as is being told, she told the in-law that her husband does not want to fetch the doctor.  It was like saying he does not care.  And it is for this reason that the in-law crabbily explained that it is not true that he does not want to go and get the doctor but because her husband knows that she does not like to go to the hospital.

She replied she just wanted the doctor to give her a prescription for her cough and colds.  She cannot go to the hospital because her dearly beloved who is the only one looking after her in the hospital cannot be made available.  The in-law recalled that surely this is not the one who took the pains of looking after her and staying longer than anybody else in the hospital with her.  Sad truth that lies behind a deadly maternal metaphor shouting ‘I only care for one; the efforts and hardships of the rest, I do not care.’

It is not to be blamed that the people around wonder about the rudeness of that opening in that part of the head.  Why, at times, the people merely wanted an emi shielding plunked on it to ward off the wicked prose that leak out of it.   But because night is dawning, the people are left to forcibly endure the harsh languages.


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