What if you have cancer?

Age is concurrently making itself felt and as it advances, we all feel aches and uneasiness, feelings of bloating, or weakening.  I have to admit that lately I start to feel them all.  Add to the fact that I am with two ailing individuals, my mother-in-law and my husband.  The situation aggravates the smallest pain I feel.

Sometimes if makes me think about having cancer.  Morbid as it sounds, the thought passes by sometimes, unrelenting, provoking me to think – what if I have cancer?  What if these aches and weakening are causes of cancer.  What would it feel like?  What if it is like malignant Mesothelioma?  Would it be as painful, and as devastating?

What if you have cancer?  And you are rich?  Will you be giving a part of your money to whom? Or will you enjoy to the fullest, at its extreme points?  Will you ask forgiveness from someone you have wronged?  Or will you put an end to a long-standing affair with another woman other than your wife?  Or will you put an end to this affair with a married man?

What will you do?  I am interested to know.  Because I cannot think of anything but serve more my loved ones, and probably talk to people that I dislike.  Or maybe seek the truth, whatever it is, and be bold to share my experiences to the unknowing.

Really, what will you do?


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