Shopping Online is Easy with OLX

I discovered a free Classified Ads page that I bookmarked. OLX is a page that caters to everybody’s needs from animals to video games. You can browse their vehicles page and find an assortment of cars, car parts, motorcycles and scooters, RVs, trucks, etc. If you are into real state, you can find house and apartments for rent and for sale, or swap a house if you like. If you need the services of a nanny, for example, OLX also has a page for you. Or if something is lost, you can post it in the Lost and Found section. And before I forget, there are also jobs posted for anyone to browse, as in Jobs Quezon City, for example.

I find the page user-friendly. I was thinking lately about buying a Microwave oven and I can click on the Electronics page anytime. Or in case I will decide on buying a Samsung E250 as a gift, it will be easy for me to reply to the ad by clicking on the Reply to Ad button. But I have a concern so I posted a question and found that there is already a comment on the ad. This will help the users, too, to learn more about the product and the price from others who make comments on the ads.


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