Safety Gadgets for the New Year

In the advent of technology, safety products like devices or gadgets were given attention. A lot of discoveries were introduced for the sake of safety in vehicles, in workplaces, in household areas, etc. The thought about these safety gadgets always comes to my mind when New Year gets nearer.There was a report before New Year’s eve came that stated the number of those victimized by stray bullets. I was so stunned to see the number because the big event had not come yet. Because of this, I thought of possibilities of inventing safety gadgets for everybody during this occasion. Would it be possible for someone to invent a helmet that would make the bullet ricochet upwards but lessen the force of collision so that no one could be hurt in the process? But then again I also thought of possibilities that during these accidents, it is not only the head that could be possibly injured. It is not only an impenetrable helmet that is needed but a whole body costume that has the capability to bounce off these stray bullets. Hmmm… we will all be looking like morons or mentally incapacitated. But would you rather look like one or shield yourself from harm?

New Year’s Eve as someone from the list of my FB friends says, is a tragedy in disguise. The idea has not yet been proven wrong.


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