How Christmas Came Down Like a Ton of Bricks on Me

The past few days morphed me into an inutile blogger.

There were the laundries in queue. There were the odd cleaning jobs that need attention fast because the season will not delay. There were the groceries that need to be purchased, and gifts that still need to be bought and wrapped, too. There were engagements, which are after all, parties that needed organization. There were invitations that cannot be avoided in this time of the year. And, too, there was an unexpected demise of someone close to us, making the whole thing sad.

The season is all commercial. It was very obvious that sales jobs boomed. And it’s all for the children. Why, when everybody is an adult, things will be much different. My friends’ parents will not take it against me when I only give them pieces of wood with adhered quotes on them for only twenty-five pesos each. Some adults will take those gifts as treasures. Though others will react differently, it would not be such a big deal if they didn’t like those gifts.

The season left me useless. I tired easily that words departed from me. My mind was a vacuum. Exhaustion took place and rendered me flaccid with the right things to think, and jot down. But I think I was an effective host, and maybe an organizer. These tasks demand a lot of everything from anyone.

The aftermath of Christmas day left me a load of laundries again, and piles of eating and cooking utensils to clean, and floors to sweep and mop.

I drank from it all, season’s jitters and disquiet. They must have made me strong still and writing again.

5 thoughts on “How Christmas Came Down Like a Ton of Bricks on Me

  1. belated christmas greetings and have a healthy new year.

    i'm glad we didn't cook too much food this year. just enough to bring to family potluck. eating left overs can get really tiring sometimes.

    looking forward to more of your posts in the coming year.


  2. Hi, Bing. Seems to me you had quite a stressful Christmas celebration. Anyway, glad you made it! And you're back in the blogging groove.

    I wish you and your family a Christ-filled 2010 filled with His love, joy and peace.


  3. I share workload with the wifey. She does all the decorations and preparations and I do the vacuuming of the house, aka janitor in waiting hehe. But she is smart – bought most of the food this time around so there wasn't really much to cook 😉 Christmas is so stressful, that's why the all hope for a prosperous new year haha 🙂


  4. i am sorry, friends, for not being able to reply asap. but i know you understand.

    aside from a party where we brought potluck, we cooked for Christmas eve, photocache. and yes, eating the LOs is tiring. 🙂

    thank you, jayred. thank you, i wish the same for you and for your hubby. 🙂

    hello to you, bp, and happy new year, too!

    oh, Papsie and I, share the workload, too, bw! i think we really should wish for a happy new year after a stressful holiday season. 😀


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