Watch Out for the Extra

The season will offer a lot of food to eat that will give us many extras. Extra pounds will surely add to our weight. Extra bulges will actually show and the clothes will seem to shrink. Extra harm will be caused by the chemical reactions from the varied intake we will be having.

A dose of Lipofuze could help but what will truly help is to keep watch of what we ingest and control the amount. It is not objective to gobble a lot then extract everything in a jiffy. The body system might not be able to take the abrupt change nicely.

So, friends, I greet you in advance a healthy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy but watch out for the extra!

11 thoughts on “Watch Out for the Extra

  1. O eto Bing extra-extra large na pagbati sa inyong lahat at mga minamahal mo sa buhay….Masayang Pasko sa inyo ni Papi at mga anak mong si Darryl at Kay…Pis-Lab sa buong mundo!



  2. Maligayang PAsko sa iyo at sa iyong mga minamahal sa buhay Bing. Hope you have a wonderful holiday celebration and all the best for 2010 !


  3. my apologies for not being able to greet you at once for the season, friends. hope you had fun this Christmas and will have for the New Year!

    salamat, Noypetes! masaya ang Pasko. sana ang New Year din.

    very true, NP, very true. it was hard for me, too.

    exercise! i hope i can do it next year, and constantly, beatburn!

    oh, my, bertN, naliligaw sila palagi!

    salamat sa pagbati, myEpinoy! hope you had one merry Christmas, too!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too, pan!

    and to you, too, 7th stranger!
    Merry Christmas, Blogusvox!

    thank you, bw. i am sure you and your family had a blast this Christmas!


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