Celebration! Drew at Two

It was not a Cyber Monday to me yesterday. It was celebration day for Drew’s birthday. He is already two years old! We gave him a folding trike that he appreciated with awe. Kids unconsciously fill us with joy.

Drew is Papsie’s grandson to his nephew Raffy. He is the little baby that used to be the subject of my picture takings. Well, until now, he is.

A high school classmate in Facebook asked me courteously if Drew is Kay’s son. Of course, I answered that he is not, and it gave me the chills. The thought of her being a young mother is frightening. Admittedly I find it cute when these little kids call me lola but not from my children – at the moment.

We always want the best for our children. But we actually do not have a hold on what will happen. It is at times scary but praying diminished the worries. I hope that they do not have to experience bad things to learn the lessons in life but that they use the experiences of others to learn them.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “Celebration! Drew at Two

  1. Hehe:) I've heard a lot of stories from my aunts, too, who say that they are not ready to be “lolas” yet. Not this time daw muna. And, yes, I think Kay is a little too young pa, I mean based on what I've read about her through your blog. 🙂


  2. I don't know what it is. It could be fate. There are things that happen that can't be readily explained.

    At a given moment the decisions made seem to be the right ones. And, at certain times, seemingly trivial things can change the course of life.

    Do the best you can. It may not give the things you hope for, but knowing you did your best, as a reward, will give you less regrets.


  3. very true, babypink, she's still young to be a mother. she's only 20. i bet all mothers will have a hard time dealing with such a transition – from mother to lola ha ha

    anonymous, for a while there, i thought that your comment is amiss and does not seem to match the post. but trying to decipher (with emphasis on trying), maybe you wrote this relating to the last paragraph of this post.

    i am not a believer of fate. i believe that man holds what is in store for him. like he is in control of what can or cannot happen. God has provided basically the things we need to decide on matters, and one of them is knowing what is right from wrong.

    thank you for the nice insight. i would appreciate more if i know who shared these thoughts. please come back again and let us exchange thoughts. 🙂


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