What is the most difficult job in the world?

From below which is the most difficult job?

  • President of America
  • lawyer
  • Supreme Court magistrate
  • doctor
  • engineer
  • president of an organization or a company

None of the above.The most difficult job is to be a mother.

All those mentioned above have abilities derived from education. But to be a mother, no university teaches a woman to be an ideal or a wonderful mother. A mother’s essence starts once she marries her husband or be with a partner she chooses to be the father of her own household.

After conceiving, and once a sign of life is felt in her womb, the responsibility of the toughest job in the world is already on her shoulders. The intricacy of birth giving that includes labor will inevitably but normally come to the mother. After giving birth, that would be the start of the toughest job she will have. She will take care of the baby and breastfeed or feed, will wake up in the wee hours of the morning or during midnight when the baby cries, will change diapers, or prepare the baby’s milk.

When the child grows, her partner will start to woo.If they were not able to take control of the situation, another baby comes when the first born still needs full attention, and then another, and then another. The difficulties are purely physical but there are more particular and harder things that a mother will have to face:

  • when the children had grown and starts to be her problems, the mother will use all her intellect and strength so that they will not go astray
  • when she forgets about herself and loses her beauty and youth, the partner starts to find another to fill in his sexual and fantasy needs adding up to the emotional hardships of the mother

Do you agree now that it is the toughest job in all the earth?

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