Do Not Underestimate Stupidity

What we have now is a confused citizenry. We, Filipinos, have a mind set that whoever is popular, or wealthy or wise should be the one to be entrusted the most sensitive positions in government. This with the many evidences of taking advantage of our own stupidity by undeserving people. We put people that has no clear platforms or programs that could elevate the country from the quagmire that it has been in for so many years.

We had put Gloria in her pedestal because of her wit. Because of her wit, we are now submersed more in deep trouble that includes debts, economic crisis, political arguments, and lack of many government services to the people. We had put Erap in the same pedestal because of his charm which was derived from being an actor. The ‘makamasa’ image is just an advertisement which many Filipinos hungrily bought. We had put Ramos (or did we?), too, because he is a strong man from the military who we thought could probably instill discipline and order in the country. We failed to realize that Ramos himself need disciplining. It was not only Gloria who traveled abroad and dined luxuriously. Fidel and Ming had probably done so many times and surreptitiously. Do we have to go back to the past to determine who among them robbed (not loved) their constituents the most?

I am sipping coffee now. I am thinking. Is there hope from the stupid decisions we made and will be making? Are we going to the same trend of voting for these traditional politicians? Well, all I can say is these politicians should not underestimate stupidity. As Buddha said, “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” It is awareness that the Filipino people need.


7 thoughts on “Do Not Underestimate Stupidity

  1. I agree with your statement that awareness is what the Filipino people need; we still have the responsibility to show to these politicians that the power of this government are not theirs but ours, the people's. Of course, that is quite an idealistic statement but it is what this so-called “democracy” should be.

    The problem is that even if the Filipino people are to become aware, who would they choose to lead our country? Manny? Noynoy? Erap? How sure are we that these candidates are really public servants? How exactly do we determine that? I do not know.

    It can be said that it is really not only a matter of deciding who's the most qualified; for each vote we make is also an act of faith and an act of hope. An act of faith since we are not entirely sure that this “most qualified” candidate would really live up to our expectations. An act of hope since we hope that this president we are electing will be what we want him or her to be; however, more often than not (and this is quite an understatement), such hope barely reaches fulfillment.

    Yes, they should not underestimate the Filipino people. However, we must be vigilant and show them that we are not easily manipulated – that we are not to be underestimated. Show them that we are not simply people whose votes they need in order to come into power (and sometimes they do not even need these votes). We must show them that is us, the 90-99 % of this country who matter, and not their own personal desires and wishes.

    Good post, anyway! 🙂


  2. hi, thank you for appreciating.

    awareness is truly what the citizenry needs. those in power think that majority of us are stupid and can always be easily manipulated. what with the number of poor Filipinos. they always think that a little money can do the talking.

    who really knows what these candidates can give or if what they desire is for the betterment of the country? that i do not know, too. i would like to try my bet on noynoy but there are also negative issues about their family notwithstanding the personal issues. until now, i am on the verge of not participating in the elections but it is like betraying the country.

    i think you are right that voting is an act of faith and hope. after all, we really cannot do so much but pray and hope. they're the most powerful tools even if many doubt such belief.

    i saw a nicanor perlas in the list. and i like his platforms. he is so simple that during the isang tanong he doesnt really look that confident but his ideas are powerful and kind of new. volunteerism is a virtue that Pinoys sometimes lack but he believes that it what the country needs to survive. i feel sad though bec people like him probably will not win without the machinery of those competitors have. look at what happened to mr jovito salonga and ms winnie monsod? the best candidates with no money do not win.

    it is really an act of faith and hope. let us hope for the best for our country.


  3. the problem with democracy like ours really is that people are ignorant (i refuse to use stupid)…and my vote is easily matched by one voter who sold his vote to the devil


  4. Some Pinoys know how to vote wisely. The problem is the cheating and, yes, the ignorance (or stupidity) of many voters.

    Nick Perlas seems to be a good candidate.


  5. in the end, what Pinas need is a strong dictator who would shackle up the plunderers and oppressors without being a plunderer and oppressor himself.


  6. i agree, tutubi, that some voters are ignorant, but some are stupid, too. ignorance and stupidity are two different things. it may sound such a strong word, but what do you call them who vote for people that they know have the capability to use them and manipulate things?

    i am thinking about voting for nick perlas, sidney.

    actually, it truly frustrating thinking about the massive cheating that is expected this coming elections, jayred. i hope and pray, things will be different. and yes, nick perlas seems to be a good candidate.

    will a dictator not be an oppressor and a plunderer, bw?


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