Photohunt: Technology

Technology comes in many forms. It can be seen anywhere and in almost everything. It does not only talk about the artifacts but the science and engineering that goes with it. Even in intangible things like a Medicare supplement, technology plays a big part. Why? Because technology had changed nature to meet our needs and wants.

Photohunt today has TECHNOLOGY as its theme. And I am almost late posting!

12 thoughts on “Photohunt: Technology

  1. I love antique typewriters! I learned to type on a manual, not quite as old as that one though, and was so excited when I graduated to an electric! Love that picture!


  2. i like it, too, travelingsuep!had my memories, too, alice!thank you, carver.belated happy weekend, too, jams.hi, cherrypie. thank you for reciprocating the visit.thanks, willa.funny but the first time i tried electric typewriters had me confused, susanne!


  3. you're right technology was innovated to supply our growing needs for modernization!mine's is VoIP technology at


  4. i think, maya, that with the comfort and convenience technology gives, it cannot be ignored and taken for granted. 🙂 thank you for sharing your thoughts. your take is good.


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