Christmas Party Invitations – this early?

It is not. It is a normal thing that when the ‘ber’ months here in the Philippines set in, plans for Christmas parties are conceived. And yes, I have been receiving Christmas party invitations as early as the last week of October.

It is inevitable that the celebration for this season will take place. Sometimes, I feel that it is all business but then again, I think of the little children (and my children, too) who get excited at the thought of Christmas time. It’s probably because what they were told about it. That is what makes me sad at times. Children anticipate Christmas because of the gifts not because why it is celebrated.

I feel somewhat hesitant celebrating. The tragic events the country is receiving overwhelms this feeling of jubilation and hope. The ruthless killing of those people in Maguindanao is the worst of all the tragedies. It is not even comparable to the death of people from the natural calamities which we can not almost have control of. But the killing, it is so barbaric and brutal. And the killers are still out there ready to prey on any victim that they like, innocent or not.

It is just right to feel indignant about how some people can be callous and merciless. They are truly the epitome of evil. Still, I hope that justice will be served, even not in this lifetime.


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