With Daryl?

It’s been more than a week that me and my son, Daryl, exercise together to burn fat. Right. With Daryl.

Suddenly son became conscious of his ‘growing’ belly. I have a guess that his determination was bolstered after a meeting with his high school friends. Only a few gained weight and most of them became ‘smaller’. When I came home seeing them, I uttered, “Daryl, you are the only one who’s gotten big!” His friends laughed. Daryl replied, “Oh, well, coming from my own mother!”

Would you believe that every morning, he goes out of his way waking up early and waking me up for the day’s exercise routine? There are some improvements though. He can lift his legs forming an L in 16 counts continuously. That required a lot of effort from him.


6 thoughts on “With Daryl?

  1. Hi bing! You've moved! I lost touch of your site for a while, good that you're back.Thats great you can go out and exercise with your son. Its a lot easier to exercise when you have someone motivated with you….. unless he's waking you up REALLY REALLY early in the morning. That could be bad 🙂


  2. not that early naman, will! glad you found me he hetrue, time flies really fast, tutubi. do not fret, one day, you'll be the one giving up ha ha


  3. i'm very frustrated with mine ugh.. I'm going ti he gym but man, I couldn't maintain the 3 times a week schedule. darn, it's one heck of a commitment really.


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