Congratulations, Pacman!

Manny Pacquiao never ceases to amaze the world with his prowess, speed and confidence. Manny said Cotto will not be an easy fight as he had said before the bout. And it was not really one easy fight with Cotto. But it turned out that Manny is still the best pound for pound fighter. His opponent failed to find a way to resolve his speed and strategy. Cotto was swollen and bleeding after the 12th round.

Listening to the radio in the morning brought excitement to the crowd and in the afternoon, watching the fight brought more excitement. I wished we could have watched the fight live. It could have made Papsie shouting more with joy. But alas, we could not afford the trip to Las Vegas and the stay in Las Vegas hotels. We could only watch the fight in the television with the many ads in between!

Anyway, this is not about me but about the unbeatable Manny Pacquiao. I just hope he stops boxing though a lot still wants him to fight with Mayweather. It is always better to leave in the middle of stardom.


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