Where are the railings?

We make it a habit of passing by Marikina River Banks every second of November when we go to Loyola Memorial Park. Last November 2, we managed to visit it after more than an hour of traffic and discovered the devastation the typhoons had left. Though visits to the place is not the typical orlando vacations that offer extraordinary entertainment, Marikina River Banks before the typhoons is a picturesque park with its Shoe Boat (a symbol of Marikina City), Gazebo, bicycle lane, World of Butterflies, Evolution Park, and many more. Concurrently, the Shoe Boat lost its beauty and only have its skeleton left, the Gazebo is gone, and also the bicycle lane. We did not see what happened to the Evolution Park and the World of Butterflies.

Overseeing the bicycle lane, 2008

Where are the railings? 2009

3 thoughts on “Where are the railings?

  1. i don't frequent marikina but i did saw the riverbank before when i accompanied my daughter during their field trip and it was such a nice place. too bad it got destroyed by the typhoon. hope it can be restored again.


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