So Filipino

November 5, 2009


A friend tried to beat the deadline for the registration for the 2010 elections last October 31st. She went to the registration center at 11:00 am and was able to finish at 1:00 am the following day. While people are queuing, it was announced that the center will only serve up to 700 registrants. My friend’s number was 698. She was laughing while she was telling me the story and told me that my husband crossed her mind while waiting to be registered. Prior to her plan of registering, I somewhat scolded her about it. I told her that Papsie hates this Filipino trait of procrastinating.

In the television, people were enraged outside the registration centers. As I had expected, there are still people who wanted to register though Comelec made it clear that yesterday was a special registration day for those who went to register last October 31 and were not able to complete the process. Comelec repeated that they will not entertain another set of new applicants. That is very clear to me. But seeing those enraged applicants outside those centers made me think that change is still far away from the Philippines.

I could not blame the election officers who berated the people. Who would not be mad if these people are cursing you and shouting at you? It was not Comelec’s neglect if they missed the deadline and were not able to exercise their rights. There were already satellite registrations starting January 2010. How come they decided to register at the 11th hour? If we really wanted change then change should start within ourselves. If we wanted to do something, there will always be a way to do it, but if we do not want to do it, there are a lot of alibis why we were not able to do it. As a song tells, “Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan.

This made me think that Filipinos should start considering life insurances and looking at life insurance rates. Sometimes I think that we get angry for the wrong reasons and tend to be ecstatic with the wrong reasons, too. Truly bad for the health, and these wrong attitudes could debilitate progress. Perhaps the reason why we are still a third world country.


We went to a mall to buy Christmas gifts. It has been three years since I started going to this mall to buy gifts because, first, there are no crowds of people converging at that part of that mall. (Filipinos patronize only the big and popular malls.) Second, there are a lot of inexpensive but nice toys in that department store.

As we pay, Papsie as usual began ‘interviewing’ the sales clerks and the cashier. It happened that the sales clerk who were assisting the cashier was on her second day at work. It was her first job we learned. Papsie could not stop himself from being nosy and asked what educational attainment does the job require. He asked further what course did the sales clerk graduate from (though I was pinching him at the sides to stop). The sales clerk told him, in between smiles and giggles, that she’s a college graduate and a board passer. We were stunned, of course. Papsie continued prying but the girl did not answer. But at the last minute, she admitted that she is a nursing graduate and a board passer. We were more than stunned.

The sales clerk continued telling me that she had applied for jobs in many hospitals and clinics but to no avail. I suggested that she applies for work abroad and she replied that she had done that already. She decided that she had to work while waiting for the results of her applications. For her, it would be a big waste of time, and if she will not earn money. We were so concerned that we told her she had to continue finding a job that best fits her. She smiled sweetly.

While I admire her for being a hardworking and persevering lady, I think that she had to continue finding the best job for her. With her kind of attitude, she deserves better. Filipinos are truly resilient, patient and persevering. It is a sad thought, however, that citizens like her do not even have a decent chance of getting a fitting job in her own country.


4 thoughts on “So Filipino

  1. Good observation on this procrastinating attitude of some of our kababayan. BTW, I read you “Some Popular Blogger” post. Tawa ako ng tawa sa mga comments.


  2. Registration can also be done via mail to prevent the aggravation. Spending the whole day queuing up doesn't look like a smart idea.Sad for that nurse graduate to be doing that job but what can you really do if jobs aren't available ?


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