Photohunt: Bags

Skipped last week’s chance to participate in Photohunt. Today’s theme is BAGS. The first bag was a gift by my children. The second gift was a gift to Kay for her debut. She’d let me use this bag a couple of times.

The bags above do not cost even an eighth of an original Louis Vuitton bag. I was reminded of this because I heard of a bid in DZMM’s Aksyon Ngayon for a Louis Vuitton bag by a known actress. The project is for a cause. The radio show aims to accumulate enough money to rescue women OFWs in Middle East countries. The bag originally cost more than fifty thousand pesos. That’s a lot of money to me.

Do you own a very expensive bag?

16 thoughts on “Photohunt: Bags

  1. Lovely bags. I'm not much of a bag owner, I have one in a floral tapestry that I take with me on long journeys — its just the right size to hold my pillow and a book and a bottle of water. It was a gift from my mother and I've had it for about 10 years now.


  2. hmm i'm a creature of habit. i hardly change bags, given the hassles of transferring items in and out of bags… but i do enjoy having options hehe have fun with your bags!


  3. Nice purses. I love bags but I'm am not one to pay hundreds of dollars for one no matter who designed it. I'll take a knock off any day!


  4. I like the first bag, that's something I would buy for myself. I don't go for branded bags for 2 reasons, one is the cost and the other is style changes very fast here, don't want something which is expensive but out of style! rather spend a reasonable sum on a bag I like that doesn't scream the brand name in your face !gwim, like the second photo.


  5. hi, CY. your take was a proof how much you like them. :-Dlove the second one better, chubskulit.10 years? what a sturdy bag that is, lisa!yea, the all around knapsack. students here love them very much, teena.thank you for appreciating, carver.really, alice audrey??that is funny, marcia, but true. so true, susanne. i remember someone said that he'd prefer buying cheaper ones because he can buy a dozen for the cost one expensive bag.


  6. I wouldn't spend that much for a LV bag; I'd rather give the money to charity. I like quality bags like Samsonite, Eastpak, Kipling, and Diesel. They really go a long way. Plus, they're not that expensive, as compared to Gucci, LV, and Prada bags.


  7. Anything expensive I have is either a gift or something I won. hahahaI don't find it very practical to have a fifty grand bag when a simple one would work as well. That separates me from the haves. I have things out of necessity. Nice pics.


  8. even if i want to buy those beautiful and branded bags, i do not have the money, marites. :-Dkipling is a nice bag, jayred. but a bit expensive, too. :-)ay, naku, mr rolly, di talaga practical! dapat talaga we should only buy only those that we can collect but not the expensive ones, alkapon. though i have nothing against anyone who collects gucci, lv and prada bags. 😀


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