Why I was not around…

You maybe wondering… If not, it’s okay. But in case you are wondering why you don’t see me around paying a visit to your blog sites, these are the reasons:

Son and I saw them at a book sale in a mall. Kay was in Cavite that day. Yes, she treated us at Dampa sa Libis in the evening. That was a fun night, really enjoyed it.

Back to these books, I am currently reading Scheisshaus Luck by Pierre Berg and Brian Brock. It is an interesting read but unsentimental, brutal, gory, and atheistic. It is a true to life experience of a survivor. Quite disturbing to me but I plan to finish reading it. Reading the book leads me to asking this question – what is the be-all and end-all of wars for those people who wanted them to happen? I mean, everybody loses in wars. Why plan for wars then? How can those people involved in conquering nations and letting the massive bloodshed happen? How can a selfish ambition kill hundreds of thousands?

Deviating from the topic, Papsie discovered the car does not have break lights. Thank God we were not apprehended, or met an accident and needed the likes of a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney. Oh, wait, a car attorney, I mean.

The car has break lights now. And I am going to read again tonight if Father Clock allows.


8 thoughts on “Why I was not around…

  1. Is that the one that turns on when you step on the brake pedal? : )Kakainggit ka. Me, I have no more time to read. Puro nalang technical books sa trabaho. : (


  2. hay, naku, NP, ngayon lang nagkapanahon! got intrigued by these books. up to now i havent finished reading the first book while son is on his second book already.yun nga ba yun? he he yun nga, blogusvox. technical books, my golay, nakakabato basahin ang mga yan. but it depends din naman.


  3. It puzzles me how man can have the capacity to murder 6 million people just because of who they are. It somehow confirms that there is a lot of evil in us.


  4. War is indeed senseless.I miss reading books! Maybe I should just minimize my time on the Net and just read, read, read. Pure joy.Happy reading, Bing!


  5. That Scheisshaus must be a very interesting read. I'm also into that part of World War 2 history. Hard to fathom how much evil and brutality Man is capable of inflicting on another man. How have you been, Ms. B? I hope things have been well with you and the family. Take care always.


  6. oh, it is truly an interesting read. the details are quite shocking though, pan. you can never underestimate the little gods.i am fine. and i hope you are, too. trying to deal with life he he


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