A Sunday Treat by Daughter Kay

Last last Sunday, it was a date with Daryl. Last Sunday, it was a treat by daughter Kay. Why, you may ask. She had already received her cheque as payment for an ad when she had her OJT.

We went to Dampa sa Libis. It was my first time to go there. I had first dined at Dampa in Cubao. Kay will be coming from Cavite that night so we met with her at SM Hypermart. From there we went to Libis.

I had not finished with the rest of the pictures we had there. We had fun, of course. The children enjoyed the wet market. We saw one of our customers before with his wife and kids. He looked like a rock star with his very straight long hair. And, oh, we saw Mr. Mike Enriquez, GMA ‘s television news anchor. Papsie planned to approach him and tell him, “Excuse me po, pwede bang magpa-picture?” with a tone that is so Mike Enriquez. He was not able to even go near him. We were laughing very hard while we took a picture of Papsie near the window with Mr. Mike Enriquez eating at the background. Papsie was giggling that time.

I am not sure when I can be able to organize the pics but here is the feast:

14 thoughts on “A Sunday Treat by Daughter Kay

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