Christmas is fast approaching

How do I know?

Well, the other day nephew R’s cellular phone was snatched inside the bus. He tried to go after the snatcher and someone from down the bus boxed him on the head. He insisted on going after the two crooks but a set of three people were waiting for him. He was stunned and decided not to continue the chase.

The day before that happened, a notorious gang robbed a watch store in Greenbelt 5. One of the gang members was killed by a security escort of a mayor.

When I went to Pasay the other day and while inside a jeep, a street child was sitting on the entrance of another jeep with his improvised drum singing and tapping a beat, unmindful of the stares of the passengers inside the jeep and from the other jeeps.

And there will be more signs to come.

9 thoughts on “Christmas is fast approaching

  1. that is a very interesting way to measure the coming of christmas LOL i want to look at it on a more positive light though like this morning when my boss played christmas carols at work! yay!


  2. oh, prinsesa musang, everybody knows the obvious about the coming of Christmas season, di ba? just thought of writing something with a also a fool for christmas songs. they always make me cry, too.


  3. My husband and I went to a department store yesterday, and Christmas decorations are already up on their shelves along with Halloween costumes. Pretty soon, fresh live Christmas trees will be on sale.


  4. Grabe na ang nakawan sa Pinas ha.Those singing kids boarding jeepneys can be very abusive with their tongue. If you don't put anything in the money envelopes they give, they curse you pa. But some are nice naman. I heard they are part of a syndicate.


  5. i heard of a story to about a kind man who always gives alms to those little kids but at one time, he had no change in his pocket and told the kid that he will give him later. the kid scratched the car with a tanzan, jayred.


  6. Visiting Mindanao, I was told about the "ber" months: Septem-ber, Octo-ber, Novem-ber, Decem-ber. I was told that that was when it was okay to start selling Christmas mproducts…Here in the states, we wait for a November Holiday, Thanksgiving, and from that point on, every store plays Christmas music on their radios


  7. and buying Christmas presents, too, keith. this is when you start worrying for the coming Christmas season. he heay, oo nga pala, bw. after that people will start thinking about Christmas though i doubt if there will be much spending na magaganap. ang daming trahedya na nagaganap.


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