EDSA and wrinkle creams

Yes, I still do not need a wrinkle cream after experiencing EDSA without a car but commuting via the MRT. But it was not a simple feat to win.

As I traversed EDSA up to the farthest and the last station of MRT which is Taft Avenue, I saw along the way some of the flood marks. EDSA was not spared. But they were not the only ones that marred the busy main road. The metropolis is getting old. There are new establishments alright but they did not succeed in truly beautifying the main road. They made it overcrowded. And I guess it is true to almost every part of the metropolis.

The crowd of people walking, running, waiting for the buses, or buying some necessities from the convenient or makeshift stores is overwhelming. In fact, it is like scary to me. The globe is filled with the Homo sapiens, and the variety is truly evident. You can almost see the difference even without them talking directly to you.

This I saw while I was inside the MRT bus. From afar, the metropolis is becoming old and dense. Should I go far? Inside the MRT bus, the variety presented itself effortlessly. There are still gentlemen who are ready to offer their seats. But there are also sneaks who wait for their victims. Actually, as I observe, a scary thought of seeing someone display his prowess of pickpocketing and dipping into a backpack, for example, crossed my mind. It almost made my mind burst with fear.

The funny thing inside the MRT bus is that people, most of them men, like to converge near the door. It is not really advisable for people to stay on this area when there are still spaces in the middle. The result is truly unbelievable – men (and women) unmoved by the influx of passengers from each station making it difficult to board or get off. Some of the men actually prefer this kind of scenario it seems seeing them with their evil grin. I do not know what kind of pleasure they get in momentarily having a feel of a woman’s body in a crowd. That is so shameless and shallow. I am just so thankful that I boarded the bus on the first station and got off on the last station. I do not need to bump myself in and out.

It was not a long ride. That is why I prefer to ride the MRT. But when I got off and saw the crowd again at Taft avenue, it almost made me dizzy. I was a stranger to the place and the unfamiliarity felt like I was engulfed wholly. But I have to look confident and composed and cool. From what I saw, the place is not really that safe. I got wary of the brazen looks of some of the men with their tattoes and burnt skin and hair, with their hallowed eyes, and with their dirty sneakers and feet. Why, they were more than the same guys I saw in Munoz and Balintawak. It felt like they were all over the place. So I had to stay with the crowd and ask directions confidently as needed.

I reached my destination and after a few hours, the transaction was finished and I have to go home. I was back to the same scenario of me being an alien to the place and asking what PUJ do I need to ride to get to the MRT station. It was truly a grueling ride because you get to see the vicinity up close. I am not being judgmental here but I really felt scared seeing those men again from inside the jeep where some are even drinking liquor that early. The MRT station seemed very far.

The ordeal came to an end when I board the MRT bus again back to North EDSA. It felt safer.


2 thoughts on “EDSA and wrinkle creams

  1. Hi, Bing. Naku, I know what you mean. Ang daming mukhang sanggano sa area na yan. About our MRT experiences last August, I saw a Muslim woman pull the hair of a nursing student during the crazy passengers-alighting-passengers-boarding moment at the MRT Station on Taft Ave. What a scenario. My husband enjoyed the experience of commuting from Point A to Point B, though — by pedicab, tricycle, jeepney, bus, shuttle van, LRT, and MRT. But I told him we would just travel by car the next time around. It was very stressful for me…and yes, kinda scary, too!


  2. naku, nakaka stress talaga, jayred! when the passengers got off the bus nga kahapon at Taft (and that includes me), sinalubong ba naman kami ng ilang passengers papasok kahit na nagpupumilit nang lumabas ang mga galing sa loob ng bus. i mean, what could hurt them if they just wait, parang mauubusan ng upuan! i was not able to restrain myself and told the women, “aba'y palabasin nyo muna kami, di kayo marunong maghintay, a! pambihira!” they were not able to look at me. napahiya siguro.


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