Going to the Beach?

Not during these rainy seasons, of course. And though it would be summer, I would not go to the beach because I do not know how to swim. I am not a beach person. With the many calamities happening that relates to the bodies of water, I think I cannot even think of going near them. Even with cheap hotels south beach Miami type around, I would find it really hard to visit beaches because that would remind me of hurricanes, tsunamis, overflowing rivers during flood, and dams spilling out water.

I know, I know, I sound so nega. But you cannot blame me, even if I was not directly affected (and not even one in the family was affected), I can’t help but feel traumatized of the whole thing. It still makes me cry sometimes to see the television clips about the victims and anything relating to the typhoons.


2 thoughts on “Going to the Beach?

  1. I'm not a beach person myself. I don't like swimming (and I don't know how). I have water and shark phobia, too.But, in light of the recent flooding in Metro Manila and Northern Luzon, my husband told me that I should now learn how to swim since it is a basic survival skill. A nephew of my friend survived in Marikina during Ondoy's fury by swimming. He commuted to his workplace in “porma” style, and came home swimming in his brief.


  2. ha ha who is not afraid of the sharks?i agree that everybody should learn how to swim. your husband is right. it is now a basic survival skill.survival of the fittest ang nangyayari sa ngayon. kaya kahit naka brief, he survived he he


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