Filtering the Soul

I could not exactly remember that day when I tried selling water filters. In short, I tried my luck in sales but to no avail. The scorching sun, the dog at a gate, the sharp stares, the mocking smiles, and the relentless truth that I was selling not a piece. They killed my hope that I can be rich one day selling water filters.

Failures in life filter the soul. It tells you of your limitations. It shouts at you telling that you can never have everything in life. That defines mortality.

The recent tragedies caused by the two typhoons also do the same. They filter the soul. Not only failures in life but also tragedies that makes us stop and ponder – what am I doing in life? what am I doing for others? There are many questions to answer and that makes us reach for the hand of the Unseen Holy for answers.

It is only after these unwanted and dreadful moments, situations and events that our souls are truly refined. During ecstasy, we all tend to over-indulge, we wallow in euphoria, and sinfulness, and forget about the more important things in this life.

5 thoughts on “Filtering the Soul

  1. much like getting sick – we all get back to God and ask for healing. In short, these setbacks are reality checks, to remind us that we are not in charge and as you said to refine our souls.


  2. masyadong matalinhaga? hmm.. didnt see it that way, alkapon. 😀

    you are right, bw. they are reality checks. congratulations to you. i am so proud of you.


  3. When we pass away, we cannot bring anything with us when we meet our Maker.

    It must have been hard to sell those water filters. I somehow suck at selling.


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