The Habit of Listing

I have this habit of listing important things. At work, I list THINGS TO DO on a page of intermediate pad to keep track of the things that I have to do and those that I have finished or completed. Before going to the supermarket, I also list the things that I have to buy to minimize time spent. It is faster and economical for me to have a ready list.

They say I am OC but I’d rather be than be unprepared because working and doing things impulsively lead to errors, oversights, accidents and unwanted things in life.

I will soon have a directory list using Microsoft Outlook at work. The previous file that I had was deleted when hard disk was replaced. This catalogue will classify information of contacts, friends, and acquaintances. The list will group the info records.

This habit of listing has the following advantage:

  1. It keeps things organized. Orderliness lessens stress. It is always stressful to act or move or think without an orderly list of things. The chaotic jumble of matters in the mind will truly make your head ache.
  2. It facilitates actions or decisions to be made. How smooth it will be to look at a neat list where you will start your action and decide on them.
  3. It economizes time. When you have a list, you will spend less time browsing through a pile of records.
  4. It encourages discipline. Lists are controls, too. Even if it is a personal list, it regulates your everyday activities and assures that you will act on matters immediately and not procrastinate.
Do you also have this habit of listing?

5 thoughts on “The Habit of Listing

  1. Absolutely Bing, The list is a must. That's just prudent time management.In the list, I even rank the items in terms of priority. Sure We can multi-task but sometimes it can be chaotic.


  2. oh, well, not all aspects of our lives should be driven by lists, photo cache.. 😀 there are things that do not need to be listed.

    oh, that is just so OC, bw! to rank them according to priority! but better be OC, di ba?


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