Graveyard Shifts in Call Centers

74-365 Year3 I Am Not A Morning Person
74-365 Year3 I Am Not A Morning Person (Photo credit: johngarghan)

I am just curious. Have you experienced working in shifts? I have to ask because not once have I experienced working in graveyard shifts. Therefore I am not in a position to talk about it but I heard of many stories and experiences from some friends and acquaintances who had worked in night shifts.According to a friend, it is really difficult at first to be assigned on the graveyard shift. If you are a day person, it would be a grueling experience because of the sudden change in sleeping and waking. If you are a nocturnal person then maybe working with this kind of schedule will not even pose a problem.

Working in call centers on graveyard shifts will require one to be physically, emotionally and mentally ready. The arrangement – sleeping during daytime and waking and working during nightime – is a total deviation from the normal routine. I really wonder how easy or difficult for one to get used to it. I would definitely find it difficult and will have a hard time getting used to it. I sleep late at night until 12 midnight but I cannot be awake the whole night and until dawn. My eyelids will give way.

Some schedules are really terrible, they say. How could I bear the horror of walking alone in the streets in the wee hours of the night? There are many possible dangers. Thugs lie in wait for their victims specifically those sex maniacs that are on the loose. And even if the location is safe, health dangers can also be a threat to one’s well being.

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