Shock Absorbers

Experiencing Balintawak market made me think how those people living in desolation and deprivation protect themselves and their nearest and dearest in times of tragedy, catastrophe or misfortune. While some of us shield ourselves from the effects of the said destructions by way of getting indemnity through insurance online for example, those people in Balintawak live on a day-to-day basis of hand to mouth.

Some of us have shock absorbers like a savings account in a bank or another source of income or sideline aside from the current jobs we have. Some of us have investments maybe. But even with these absorbers are the risks and the likelihood of failure, too, to get an assurance or a safeguard against life’s potent arrows.

We really cannot tell what life will have for us in the future. What is happening tells me that nobody is safe enough. We each have our own expiration date.


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