Going to the Market

Melancholia. This should not be what I felt going to the market and coming back home. But it was what I felt.

If you are familiar with Balintawak market then maybe you know what I mean. Aside from the high prices of the carrots and the baguio beans that I will be using for my pancit, the picture of the condition of the market and the situation of the people in and around there is true misery.

I wished I brought with me my camera. But then again that will catch the attention of the hoodlums living along the sides of the market. Papsie told me that snatchers and holduppers live in that area. I really wished though that I have taken pictures of the tattoed peddlers and stevedores. The worn-out look of the vendors tells of different stories. There is urgency, there is need in every attempt to let you buy their commodities.

I saw a young woman, probably in her early twenties covered with charcoal dirt and grime, together with another young woman. I saw a family on the sidewalk trying to sell bunches or clusters of fruits or vegetables. The child looks malnourished.

When I boarded the PUJ and had to wait for it to be filled up, I saw little kids with clothes unkempt, with their strands of hair disheveled, and with feet barefooted. With their innocent smiles while playing, I felt so lonely.

I think I will not go to Balintawak market again.

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