Disappointments Abound

After the tragic onslaught of typhoon Ondoy, a lot of disappointments surfaced. Has the world and the human genus in it gone mad creating an apathetic kind?

First, during the typhoon, immediate action from the government to its devastated constituents and ravaged properties and infrastructures was missing. Help was slow. There were no available or enough rubber boats, or any vehicle, that could be utilized in helping and assisting the affected people in the LGUs of the affected communities. I really wondered what happened to the calamity funds in each locality. I actually expected helicopters hovering above the flooded areas to fetch and save the people immersed in floodwater and mud and those that were drowning. But I saw none. They dilly-dallied it seemed.

Second, after ABS CBN’s immediate action to gather relief, aid and money for the victims, there were people, detractors specifically, who took time sending messages to DZMM that the gathered donations were not spent accordingly for the victims. I find it ridiculous for these people to find time sending malicious messages. I wondered if they did something to help instead of finding fault.

Third, and the latest news, some businessmen are setting too high a price on the commodities. In short, they are over-pricing. What kind of sickness do these people have? These people affected by the typhoon are in dire situations, some are even in their direst, and for these businessmen to think of gain more than anything is really, really sick.

What neutralizes the negativity of it all is the goodness of the heart of those who donated without anything in return, of those who volunteered and allot time to assist in the packaging of the relief items, of those who offered not only their services but their vehicles as well to bring the relief items to the affected areas, of those who solicit help and donations from individuals, institutions, organizations and companies, and of those who offered their shelter, even temporary, to friends and even to strangers.

I thank God that there is still goodness. And goodness will not bear badness.

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