Only for the Rich and Able

It was my first time then to pass by that subdivision and saw a satellite dish inside one of those big houses. I got curious and asked Papsie and he said that those are used to receive communication from a satellite television, a sort of a Direct TV providing a wide range of channels. I was amazed.

But they were only for the rich and able, those DirectTV services, he said. I daydreamed that time I will someday receive signals for a wider range of channels better than the cable television was providing.

The satellite dish is still there in that posh subdivision. Today, satellite television services like Directv is almost affordable. Even the average families now can have it at almost $30 a month for a family package. That is equivalent to P1,5oo pesos today. Considerable. But still, I won’t opt for it. I realized I really do not have time for a wider range of channels as I do not have enough time for everything.


13 thoughts on “Only for the Rich and Able

  1. Satellite TV is no big deal. It is not much different from fiber optics, cable, infrared or whatever technology.

    Fiber optics is claimed to provide the clearest, fastest and most reliable service.

    Programming is not much different as well. They all offer the same content providers.

    Not to worry, you are not missing out on anything. Fact is, it is better to be out doing something than sitting around at home watching TV.



  2. Na-kakataba yang maraming channel sa TV. Maggiging couch potato ka lang at kung may mga bubwit ka pang mga anak, naku! mawiwili lamang sila sa harap ng TV at walang katapusang pano-nood ng mga walang kuwentang palabas.

    Marami rin mga X-rated na palabas!


  3. i do agree, mk. it is much better to do something than to sit in front of the tv the whole day. that will surely affect our inner health. heard of fiber optics, too. well, i think i cannot be able to compare them anymore. my cable tv suffice for the time being. thank you for sharing your thoughts. hope to be hearing from you again.

    ha ha 'kaw talaga, noypetes. when the kids were little i did not allow them to watch tv all the time. kung me adverse effect sa adult mas meron sa kids.


  4. That's cool that they now have DirectTV in Pinas. I'm curious as to what channels are available with the $30/mo package and if HD is available.


  5. It is quite a bit affordable now Bing as compared to say, 5 years ago. But hey, all my fave channels I got already from my cable subscription so I don't think I need it now.


  6. you can click on the link, bw. i think HD programs are included.

    me, too, major tom. i have all my fave channels in my cable tv so i think it is not necessary anymore.


  7. The modern corporate world got us coming and going – they got us eating and enjoying their junk food and watching their propaganda on tv (at our expense) while efficiently killing us softly when we are no longer of profitable use to them LOL.


  8. That's already cheap. But I doubt it if one has the luxury of free time to enjoy all or most of the channels — well, unless you're a bum who receive automatic income monthly.


  9. like i've said, jayred, in my case, i will not choose to have the luxury of having many channels in my tv. i cannot watch them all naman, e.

    don't worry about it. almost everybody naman siguro ay guilty sa mga lapses sa grammar ha ha


  10. I am a huge fan of cable. I use Cox Communications, and stick with them because it's reliable. I don't have to do any maintenance and Cox is always on top of their game. Plus, I have 999 channels, so it's definitely worth it.


  11. hi, bret nice of you to drop by. i am not really familiar with any of the satellite tv providers as i have none though some friends has them. that's something worth to know about cox. we sure must have our money's worth from all the services and products that we buy.


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