Photohunt: Words

Putting Words on a Card for Occasions

How do you write your notes on a card? Do you still take time to ponder first what to write or just scribble without a thought? Do you write carefully and neatly or write hastily even with erasures and errors on your notes?

I still find time thinking what to write. But I am also guilty of writing without careful thought especially when I am in a hurry. I do not believe that notes are not read anymore. I still believe that honesty or sincerity in a note lightens up the mood of the recipient.

Are Words in Book Titles That Important?

To me, it is. I am most of the time captivated by the words in a book title and in the caption, too. I think that titles, like headlines in a newspaper, or titles of a movie, say a lot about the content. They spark interest in a reader. Do you believe so?

Wonder what other photohunters in the Photohunt camp have for this Saturday’s theme. Care for a visit?

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