Photohunt: Words

Putting Words on a Card for Occasions

How do you write your notes on a card? Do you still take time to ponder first what to write or just scribble without a thought? Do you write carefully and neatly or write hastily even with erasures and errors on your notes?

I still find time thinking what to write. But I am also guilty of writing without careful thought especially when I am in a hurry. I do not believe that notes are not read anymore. I still believe that honesty or sincerity in a note lightens up the mood of the recipient.

Are Words in Book Titles That Important?

To me, it is. I am most of the time captivated by the words in a book title and in the caption, too. I think that titles, like headlines in a newspaper, or titles of a movie, say a lot about the content. They spark interest in a reader. Do you believe so?

Wonder what other photohunters in the Photohunt camp have for this Saturday’s theme. Care for a visit?


23 thoughts on “Photohunt: Words

  1. I agree that book titles are important for me to pick them, but it also depends on the cover art too.

    Notes- like you I do both.


  2. ha ha ha then type the words, jams.

    that is nice to know, gengen.

    i agree, travelingsuep.

    ah, yes, the e-cards. faster, more convenient they say but i find cards with handwritten notes more personal, ann.

    very true, magiceye.

    yes, i still keep some, yami!


  3. In answer to query #1: I think before I write and hardly ever need to erase something I put on a card.

    Re query #2: yes, book titles are important but only so that they'll make me want to look into a book and have a quick scan inside and also on the back cover to decide if the book is worth reading. In other words: they're not the be all and end all but they certainly often make for a start! 😀


  4. I love notecards! I like to be able to pause and think what I really want to say. But sometimes the quick scribble just has to do.


  5. I am guilty of taking a loong time preparing to send xmas cards. I usually start in October making, jotting down my list of recipients, then every night I would take time out to scribble something until mid November when the cards are ready for mailing.

    Now I hope I have enough timne this year too.

    Great find.


  6. I still enjoy hand written notes, cards delivered by the mailman rather than via email… even the very rare “real” letter. All are to be treasured, as all are becoming a lost art…
    Great Post. And thanks for visiting us today.


  7. those are good criteria for book titles, life ramblings.

    then you have an abundance of thoughts, ytsl. and about the book titles, i must agree that some are deceiving.

    ha ha that's a lovely thought you shared, susanne!

    will visit later, healingmagichands.

    thank you, liz, for appreciating.

    really, photo cache? you still do that? that's very nice of you to still think of sending cards. i would love to receive one from you he he

    true, zoolatry. it's becoming a lost art. nice idea.


  8. nice if you try, azahar!

    concentrate, concentrate, jama! ha ha

    the second one is not a card, jam.

    thank you, JDeQ.

    maybe it's true for some, bengbeng.


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