Only for the Rich and Able

It was my first time then to pass by that subdivision and saw a satellite dish inside one of those big houses. I got curious and asked Papsie and he said that those are used to receive communication from a satellite television, a sort of a Direct TV providing a wide range of channels. I was amazed.

But they were only for the rich and able, those DirectTV services, he said. I daydreamed that time I will someday receive signals for a wider range of channels better than the cable television was providing.

The satellite dish is still there in that posh subdivision. Today, satellite television services like Directv is almost affordable. Even the average families now can have it at almost $30 a month for a family package. That is equivalent to P1,5oo pesos today. Considerable. But still, I won’t opt for it. I realized I really do not have time for a wider range of channels as I do not have enough time for everything.


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